Winter Biking


I am one of the lucky few who enjoys winter riding. The last couple of days the temperature has been in the single digits, warming up to 14 or 15 degrees.  I have layered up and gone  for a short ride both days. Less than 10 miles, and I stay pretty close to home.  The bike path is a few yards from my driveway which kind of makes the decision to ride easy.

The day begins by walking the dogs on the MUP. With the cold weather and usually no one else on the path, they get to go off leash and run to their little hearts content.  My wife insists they wear coats and neither dog is happy about that.


Yesterday the temperature topped off at 13F or -10C and the wind was howling. I made my usual stop at the supermarket and a friend questioned my bike riding in this cold.  I asked him what he would think if I was on a mountain skiing at 13 degrees.  “That’s different’, he said.  ‘Skiing is a winter sport.”  Sometimes it’s better to stop talking, which I did.  I was thinking about riding to the gym after finishing this post and just checked the weather.  It’s 4 right now and I think I’ll have another coffee and maybe watch a movie before heading out.

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