Sophia from SweedenI was on my daily walk with the dogs on the Phoenix Bike Path in Fairhaven, MA.  when I spotted a fully loaded bike. Needless to say, as a bike touring rider myself, I got excited.  The weather has been awful for most of April, so, as the rider approached I asked, “touring or training”.  The bike stopped and when the rider said “touring”, I noticed the accent.

“Your not from around here. You sound European”.

“Sweeden” she said.

Naturally, the next topic was Zlatan.  Once that was out of the way I asked about her tour.   She began in New York city a few days ago and made it to Newport R.I. before the storms hit.  She couldn’t have been stuck in a better place.  She will be riding her bike around America for the the next four months.  She doesn’t have many plans yet, and will be kind of winging it as she rides west, after a visit to Cape Cod and Boston.

If I wasn’t recovering from a bad cold I would have joined her along a safer route than she had planned.  I did however, meet here at places along the way using my car.  I got her to within 4 miles of the Bourne Bridge that crosses the Cape Cod Canal before I lost her.  I am confident she made it OK to her Warm Showers host in Sandwich, MA.

You can follow her on her American bike adventure  HERE

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