Watching Football at Der Biergarten in Atlanta


I ordered a $5 beer that was advertised on a placard in the noisy bar.  The bartender took the sign down and said a few things I didn’t hear clearly.  I think she said, “happy hour is over,  but you can a have blah blah blah beer”.  I said “OK” and was given a beer in a stein that was so big…. well it was a one drink night and I didn’t nurse the thing. I’m guessing a liter (or two).

I was welcomed to the joint by Kelly Carter who like me, is a member of The American Outlaws.  She is an Atlanta United super fan, and I’m a long time supporter of the New England Revolution, who can’t get to Wednesday or Saturday night games. When an occasional Friday night game happens, it’s a treat to be able to attend a home game in Foxboro, MA.

We had our own decent sized room that was serviced by a half dozen waiters, all of whom were kept pretty busy with beer and food, mostly pretzel and brat, orders.  The attendance was really surprising being somewhere in the range of more than fifty but less than a hundred fans.  Probably around 70. Could have been more…..or less.

Below is a less than professional video of some of the goings on at the Beer Garden.

Atlanta v Orlando MLS from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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