Trying to Beat the Wind


The forecast called for increasing winds throughout the morning with 25-30 MPH gusts. The next three days will be rainy.  The temp was a near perfect 58F and mostly sunny for my 8 AM wheels down. Same route as yesterday, but a whole different feeling.

Yesterday’s ride was a slog.  It usually takes me a mile or so to get into a comfortable rhythm. That never happened yesterday.  The hills really got to me so bad that I cut the ride short.  You see,  the route I took has two options, the “Rochester Long and Rochester Short”.  The bail out is around 7 miles into the ride.  The feeling good turn around spot is at the 12 mile mark.


Today I got into the zone.  Twice when I emerged from my “highway hypnosis”,  I was already beyond those hills.  My average speed was up quite a bit and the whole ride felt…well I didn’t really feel anything.  My mind took me to places other than where I was on the bike.  I was on the home stretch much sooner than I realized and as I though about the last climb, I realized that I had already done it.   That’s a good feeling.

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