Martha’s Vineyard, MA

You like hills?  You will love riding the Vineyard.  Not too steep nor too long, but a constant up and down when riding to and back from Gay Head.  My Garmin touring computer was acting up pretty bad.  So much so that I lost around 10 miles, and we had to reverse a few times because of turns we missed.  It all worked out.  I rode 54 miles, everyone I was riding alongside rode 63. I did some creative stuff with my garmin to try to match the miles, but still came up short.

With our varied group of riders, the pain index ranged from zero to massive.  I was somewhere in the middle. Because as a good organizer, I stayed with the slowest riders. That and being overweight and slow myself.

In the town of Minemsha, we took a small pontoon ferry across the channel before riding to the lighthouse at Gay Head.  The captain was a hoot, telling a couple of crazy stories of his days as a Duck Tour Driver in Boston.

Menemsha Ferry crossing

Near the end, a couple of us took a shortcut in order to get to the 2:30 ferry for the return trip.  The other went the long way, got overheated and jumped off a bridge into the waters near the location of the movie “Jaws”.  They swear they heard a strange noise  when they were in the waters.  Da dum.  da dum.   dadumdadumdadum.  They had to catch the next boat which was only thirty minutes later.  The Video on Facebook is HERE

2018 Martha’s Vineyard from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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