Full Buck Moon Bike Ride

Seven of our group showed up in Warren RI.  Three of us rode the 10 miles from East Providence, RI. The other four drove to the path in Warren. While talking about our full moon ride, three people we have seen on the East Bay Bike Path struck up a conversation that led to them doing the ride with us.

We stopped in Colt State Park in Bristol, RI to view the sunset. The clouds rolled in just in time to block the view.  We rode to the east side of the peninsula to see the moon rise.  No luck on that either.  The clouds cleared about an hour after the viewings had past.  But we were riding. Night riding. On a warm summer night, instinctively practicing my favorite yoga practice of lifting the corners of our mouths.  (smiling)

Two left the ride as we biked past the parking lot in Warren. The rest of us continued ten miles to Providence. We took a break on the India Point Park bridge for some photos, videos and a couple broke out their “nutrition” bars.

It was warm, muggy and dark for the return ride.  My group of three only had a little over a mile to East Providence.  The others had a ten mile ride back to Warren.  At  10:30 no less.  P.M.

2018 July Full Buck Moon Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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