Fort To Fort Group Bike Ride

This is a popular ride for our group.  The base ride is 16 miles, but if it’s a nice day, some of the riders like to continue on to add a few miles, and we did that.

We started with 12 riders but on the third head count, we had 10.  The two missing were new to the ride and we had made multiple turns during this narrated ride through the historic district of Fairhaven. I was about to turn back, but those who knew the lost couple, assured me that they would be OK because one was a long time, avid rider.  My sincere apologies to both.

I’ll be on the road with the band for two months making this the last ride I’ll be leading this year. There will be videos of our travels, and there will surely be a few bike adventures during our adventures.

We had some great turnouts for many and there were a couple of group rides I did solo. Till next year.

Healthy days.

2018 Fort to Fort Group Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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