Commuting By Bike

Riding the bike path to work


Every fall I get to commute by bike for a few weeks, like in the old days.  Back then my commute was ten miles each way.   My office was 40 miles from home and I had a few spots to leave my car that gave me a bike ride ranging from five to fifteen miles  The most used spot was ten miles from the office and that allowed me a great commute through the city of Taunton, MA.  There were also times that I put my bike on the commuter bus.  Here is an old blog post about that.


Now however, my commute is a bit over five miles each way to the Salvation Army in New Bedford, MA.  My job is to drive the bell ringers to their designated stores.  As in the past, the bike commute is the best part of the job.

Fishing fleet in the New Bedford, MA harbor
Riding across the bridge into the city.


Barge delivering fuel to the fleet

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