Winter Biking and Pot

Dress accordingly for cold morning commutes

Technically it’s still fall but there are day’s of confusion when the weather gets below freezing.  Nothing a warm hat, face mask and layers can’t solve.  With all that, and the temperature at freezing during the morning commute, it was a comfortable ride. Chilly, but not cold. Again, I was perspiring when I stepped into the Salvation Army office.

The cold weather did not stop the ice man from loading his truck. 

The second part of the title, “Pot’, has nothing to do with riding. But is does have to do with marijuana.  Massachusetts voted two years ago to allow recreational pot be sold. The town of Fairhaven also voted to allow recreational dispensaries.  A moratorium has been in effect to allow for studies to be done.  A group in town wanted to extend the moratorium into the fall of 2019.  It went to town meeting this week and was thoroughly defeated.  More studies would not find any new information, which didn’t go over will with the “Refer Madness” crowd.   The first dispensary should open very shortly.   The town bylaw allow the number of dispensaries not to exceed 20% of the number of liquor licenses.  In this case, three.

Full Frost Moon/Beaver Moon

November Full Beaver Moon

Our monthly full moon bike ride will be on Saturday on the East Bay Bike Path in R.I.  at 6 PM

November’s full Moon was called the Beaver Moon by both the Algonquin tribes and colonial Americans. The Native Americans used the monthly Moons and nature’s signs as a sort of calendar to track the seasons.

Why this name? Back then, this was the month to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.

The November full Moon was also called the Full Frost Moon by other Native American tribes.

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