Sunday Morning Group Ride


We cancelled our Friday night full moon ride because of the weather.  Paul, in his infinite wisdom, called for a Sunday morning ride as a makeup.  Needless to say, things worked out very well.  Only six of the regulars showed for this on for a variety of reasons.  I called one young rider to let him know, and he returned my call, with a text, an hour later.  We were already at the starting place.  Three others had their bikes in the shop, (one bike wonders), and one said he had to go to church.  Really? Who still does that in this day and age?

It was chilly as the riders began to gather in Warren R.I.  We had an 11 mile easy spin to Providence, stopping at the India Point Bridge for photos.  Crossing the Washington Bridge over the East Bay and riding feet from interstate 195 is always a hoot.  Especially with a two foot thick concrete and stone barrier separating the bikes and pedestrians from the high speed traffic.

The ride also is the start of the video season for me.  I have a couple of events I am recording including a week long bike ride on the Erie Canal.  Stay Tuned.

Sunday Group Ride on the EBBP March 2019 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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