Sniff, Sniff. Oh F**k

revs hat
Regular season cap

We were scheduled to leave BWI at 7 PM, then the time was moved to 8.  Sitting in the terminal, we saw our plane being pushed out of the gate.  Right behind it, another was moved in.  The reason was something broken that could not be fixed.

The nice representative explained everything which we all appreciated.   We sat, and sat for an hour before the announcement came.  “Ladies and gentlemen, everything is a go and we apologize for the delay.  We will have you on your way to Providence as soon as we can locate some pilots.”

I boarded the plane in Baltimore after traveling from South Carolina, and I began sniffing.  I knew what was to come. Then the cough accompanied by watering eyes.  It was a quick 50 minute flight to Providence, fortunately.  However, by the time we got to the car at the airport, I was hacking, sneezing, and shivering.  Friday night was uncomfortable, Saturday was worse.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I made sure my cadaver donation card was was in an obvious place so my wife could expedite my transfer to Boston.   I called my son who I’m riding  with on the Erie Canal in July, telling him not to get his hopes up.

“What’s wrong now?”  he asked.

“I thing I have the Bubonic plague” I responded.

It’s Wednesday and things are getting back to normal.  False alarm on the plague thing.

I’m sure I’ll be ready for the game Saturday at Foxboro.    Atlanta United is coming to town and I’ll be bringing two hats.  I have been a Revs fan since the teams inception in 1996 and will always be a fan. But…….Being a Revs fan, one also needs a team to support in the playoff.  #2 son lives in Atlanta and I attend a game or two every season at Mercedes Benz stadium  with 65K wild fans with drums, flags, flares and all the other wonderful things that make soccer such a great sport.

Atlanta hat
Playoff team cap. Atlanta United

This Saturday, I’ll be at Gillette’s 71k stadium not quite filled to capacity, with 12k fans, sitting on their hands and doing tennis claps now and then, all we need is another fifty thousand more to materialize.  Could happen.   I would never think of saying the Revs suck.   But they do.  But they are my team.   Regular season of course.

One thought on “Sniff, Sniff. Oh F**k

  1. Austin’s finally getting a pro team, but with the cost and time involved, I probably won’t go. I watch the World Cup – every game the last two – and that’s enough. Enjoy!


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