Bike Season

State Flag of Massachusetts

It’s that time of year when my car gets very little use.  From now till October or even November, I’ll fill my 10 gas tank about once every 6-8 weeks.  Anything I can do within 10 miles of my house is usually done on one of my bikes.

Naturally there are days when the legs don’t feel like riding a bike. Today became one of them.   I had a ten o’clock dentist that is around 5 miles from home.  On the way, there was a ground breaking ceremony for the local bike path extension.  Most in attendance were politician that had an interest in bike infrastructure.  My state Congressman and Senator, both on the transportation committee are staunch supporters of bikes, not as recreational, but an alternate mode of transportation.


This evening, the South Coast Bikeway Alliance, had their annual summit in the city.  Seven miles from home, on a chilly evening, with the southerly wind blowing steady off the Atlantic.  On a normal day, my legs may have said “not tonight”.  However, in the summer of 2017, I bought an e-bike while in Boulder, Colorado.  “The Raza” is named after the space ship on the TV show, “Dark Matter”.  It has four levels of pedal assist. Off, eco, normal and boost, (or hyper drive).  On those days when the legs don’t work, “Raza” to the rescue. DSCN8966

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