Saturday Morning Challenge Ride


Our group, Bike Fall River, is competing in the National Bike Challenge, and as of this morning, we are in first place in our division. I have no idea what “our division”, means. I’m just passing along what I was told by our leader Brian.

The early morning rains kept most of our regulars away.  It seems they look out the window, see what’s happening, and make their decision.  Others,  have the radar and forecast influence our decisions.  The five of us had a good ride that added about 150 miles to our group total for the month.  Nationally we have little chance of winning this thing, but regionally, we are a lock.  All 10 of our riders use our bike not only for club rides, but utility and lots of solo rides to boot.

On the return leg, a couple of kids riding out of the woods got my attention.  When I looked were they were coming from I was hit by a blast of color.. I can’t even fathom how many time I have biked this stretch over the years and never noticed these colorful and unique buildings.

Here is more evidence of today’s ride.


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