Washington Secondary Bikeway. May 2019

Someone important came up with the idea of planting bushes in front of an information sign.

We met in Cranston R.I. for an early 8:30 AM start for our 40 mile bike on the Washington Secondary Bikeway.  The Washington Secondary Bike Path is the state’s longest bike path at 19 miles from Cranston Street in Cranston to Log Bridge Road, just past Route 102, in western Coventry. It is named for the abandoned rail corridor once served by the Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad.

It was a day of flat tires.  The first was within 10 minutes of beginning the ride. The second and third were on the return 20 mile leg.  There was and ample supply  of amateur wrenches to quickly get things back to normal.  Not much unlike working with the Keystone Cops.

The were lots of wonderful sights to see along the Pawtuxet Corridor of the railway.  We rode past some of the textile mills that got their power from the fast moving Pawtuxet River.

Washington Secondary Bikeway. May 2019 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

One thought on “Washington Secondary Bikeway. May 2019

  1. Thanks for the fun ride today. We enjoyed the ride and the company. You did a great job on the video also.


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