Group Ride in Tiverton, RI

We are all very fortunate to have so many bike options most days and every weekend. The casual seniors, the hammerheads and everything in between. That’s were I fit. The in between rides. Some days on bike paths some days on roads. Some are in large groups but most are in the fifteen and under number of riders.

Then there is Providence R.I.
The last Friday of every month, Providence Critical Mass does their night ride. At the weather improves, the numbers grow. A few times a year, the mayor of Providence calls for a group night ride. That always eclipses the critical mass rides in numbers by a lot. Friday the 31st is the Critical Mass ride that goes wheels up at 7 PM. Expect, 40-60 riders.

The following Thursday at 7 PM we ride with Mayor Elorza. Weather permitting we will be in triple figures riding the main and not so main street of Providence R.I., escorted by bike cops and a very large black SUV with bodyguards that can be very intimidating if someone messes with the people on bikes.

Today was a casual ride through the rural roads of Tiverton and Little Compton, R.I.

Tiverton R.I. Memorial Day Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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