Providence to Woonsocket RI on the Blackstone Bikeway

Blackston River Bikeway

It’s was a chilly 55 degrees when the four of us began our ride at Ft. Hill in East Providence. Over the Washington Bridge into India Point park brought us to the beginning of our “on road” section of the ride. We had nine miles of city riding through Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls and Lincoln RI to get to the Blackstone River bikeway.

I painstakingly mapped the route on my PC using the Ride With GPS program so I could transfer the turn by turn file to my Garmin device. The reasoning was because I did this ride a few years ago and we got lost a few times. Since then, however, the state of RI has erected route signs that gave us beautiful directions making this a carefree ride. Fret not however because at the end of the ride, two of us decided to stop for lunch in Providence. We chose a cafe, brought up Google maps for directions, and rode around two giant circles for fifteen minutes. Totally lost. We abandoned eating out for lunch, rode back to the car and drove home to eat. I made the best burger in the history of making burgers and home and saved the country billions of dollars by being frugal.

Is there a video you may ask? Absolutely. Enjoy

Blackston River Providence to Woonsocket RI from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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