Shakedown on the Touring Bike

IMG_2434It’s been a while since I did a tour with #3 son.

Next month we will, for the third time, bike the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, NY.  Over the years, I have used crazyguyonabike, and will do so again this time.

Brandon will fly from Austin and meet me in Albany. We will box our bikes and take the Amtrak to Buffalo, spent the night and begin our trek the next morning.  We chose this because of how much we enjoyed the last two times.  The people we met, the history we experienced and the general fun we had riding our bikes for hours every day.

I took my Novara Randonee touring bike out of mothballs, so to speak, and got everything tuned up for the tour.  Today I took it for a ride to make some minor adjustments. Saddle, pedal clips, etc.  I had planned to do a 50 mile ride from home to the Cape Cod Canal, but thing got busy during the day which delayed my ride start till 4:30 PM.

I rode a good part of the Mattapoisett Land Trust Tour de Creme route and got a little under 30 miles.  Everything is a go for the tour beginning on July 8th.  We are both stoked for this tour.

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