Erie Canal Bike Day 6. Herkimer to Amsterdam, NY

Brandon and I tend to lollygag in the morning and get a late start. We stopped at a store that shall remain nameless, for him to try to find a tube for his tube less tire. He got four punctures in it and used up all the sealant.

We don’t ride hard at all on tour and we do tend to stop a lot. Mostly to refill our water bottles. The heat and humidity has me going through twelve or so a day.

While having coffee this morning we saw two young guys on BMX bikes balancing small luggage bags on handlebars. We both agreed that they were probably on the run for something. A few miles into the ride, we came upon them on the canal route. They were riding from Newark, NY to Framingham, MA. were they were going to be picked up. Later, as I was take a video of the pigs, (you’ll have to watch it below), they rode up to us obviously in distress. One asked if we could fix his flat tire that he had been riding on for a few miles. The best we could do was to give him a repair kit and send them a half mile back to the nearest town to use the gas station pump. We only had presta valves and they, Schroeder.

When we rode this in 2012 I took some photos and was able to recreate them in 2019


One of the coolest things we saw was a dedicated bike bridge. When the town or state built a new one on RT31 which is also Bike Route 5. they left the old bridge for bike use. It’s also on the video.

To get to the hotel we had to go up a hill. A humdinger. I say go up and not ride up for a reason.  It’s a hill that if someone were video taping a bike ride up it the Benny Hill Theme song would be playing.


Erie Canal Day 6 Herkimer to Amsterdam, NY from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


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