Monday Morning Group Ride

One of our group loves early morning bike rides on Mondays.  Some days many show, some days it’s just a couple of people.  Today was six retired bikers.  We did a casual ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island.  Typically, a couple of guys cut loose on a breakaway, (with no one chasing), a couple lag behind as unofficial sags, better known in the racing world as DFLs.   Others stay in the peleton somewhere in between.   Today only the last two happened.  The peleton and the DFLs.

Not much else happened, but I took a load of photos.  No videos today.  Near the end of the ride, I remembered a place I found in the early spring before the trees sprouted their aborial foliage.  I wanted to show this place off but was in between the peleton and the DFLs.  I motioned for the two lollygaggers to stop and brought them into the woods.  While showing the sights, I noticed a young man sitting on a log and got the aroma of some weed.  He was just out for his morning tea while skateboarding the MUP.  We thought these monoliths were part of a railroad overpass but was told by the bystander that it was the foundation of some massive factory.  Whatever it was, it was a sight to see.


There was a lot more to see on the hot Monday morning bike ride.

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