August Full Sturgeon Moon Bike Ride

01-DSCN0231     Hiram and I did our usual early start 10 miles from the official start of this monthly ride. We like to begin close to where the ride ends so we have only two miles to our car while the rest of the group has a 12 mile bike back to the start at around 10 PM.  It works out well for everyone.

On the ride to the start we ran into one of our regulars who did not get the word.  She did accompany us to Warren RI and left the group to ride home because she already had her miles. I tried to get her to take a look at a pretty cool site just off the path in the obscured by aborial foliage.  Hiram also refuse to take a look, so I took a couple of photos. If your a follower, you may recognize this place, but this is for the two fraidy cats.


Near the end of the ride, we also came across two other regulars who arrived an hour late without realizing the leader had changed the route.  They got their miles and we go our Keystone Cops style. (Going the wrong way).  It’s all good.

Clouds covered the sunset and the moon began it’s assent just as our ride was ending.  Hiram and I did get a good view on the drive home.  The others, I’m sure, got the same on their hour long easy spin, in the pitch blackness, with many walkers, bikers, etc. on the path without lights.  No problem for anyone, and none of our gang bother to get upset about it.

2019 August Full Moon Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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