Oh What A Night In Providence R.I.

Providence Bike Jam.  A monthly night ride through the urban streets of Providence, RI. The September ride will be a challenge to top.

An estimate turnout of 40 plus showed for this beautiful clear, warm evening at Burnside Park, downtown.  I say estimated because it was impossible to get anyone to stay still for two minutes.  It was even worse near the end of the ride when we gathered at the new $22 million dollar pedestrian bridge.  The still photographer and I were completely ignored when we tried to gather everyone for a group photo.  Two things contributed to make that happen.  It was our third party stop and when we stopped at the first two, the common sound was the distinctive “phhhhst” of beer cans being open. Second, the music was blaring and everyone was in party mode, dancing the night away. Well, some were dancing.


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