After The Wind

Last night, around 1:30 AM I was jarred awake by the wind.  I got up, hit the light switch and nothing happened. I could hear the howling and that noise fully leafed trees make when they are under stress from heavy wind.  I must have been a sight, standing in front of my living room bay window, under an almost full moon, when the utility truck drove by.  Two hours later, we got our power back.

The news outlets were reporting on the wind velocity in the surrounding towns.  My town, Fairhaven, MA. got the blue ribbon with gust of 89 MPH.  The wind did clear the trees of dead branches of all sizes by dumping them in my back yard.  I have no trees in the front yard but the wind out of the west cleared my neighbor’s yards to the east of me, and blew all their leaves into my yard.  I’m thinking two days to clear everything.  The wind is projected to continue into Saturday and diminish by the afternoon.  And that my friends brings me to the point of this post. Taking the long way home, as us bike riders tend to prefer, to get to the point.


Starchasers declasified route

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