Providence Bike Jam (PBJ), Zombie Ride


It seems that every time we do a night group ride, it’s the best one ever.  Which translates to really mean that it’s the best since the last one.  Providence Bike Jam outdid themselves when they colluded with Dash Bike in Providence.   Dash is located a bit less than a mile from the PBJ start at Burnside Park smack in the heart of downtown Providence.

Two dance stops were included in this clear, mild, Friday night casual ride, and the evening culminated at Trinity Brewhouse. The traffic, probably because of our numbers and the three synchronized boom boxes, was very receptive to us.  Lots of cameras came out from both pedestrians and drivers.  We had people on bikes that acted as crossing guards. They did a superb job keeping us all safe by blocking cross traffic and the intersections.  Oncoming cars stopped to let the sixty or so riders pass on the narrow streets we traversed.

For years this was the Critical Mass ride, usually drawing 15-18 riders.  Once the name changed, the popularity soared.  One ride that included the Mayor of Providence, drew over 200 cyclists.  PVD has become the group ride to experience.  All skill levels, ages and bike types are welcome to join this casual ride the last Friday of every month.

Below are the video and photo movies. Enjoy

2019 PBJ Zombie Bike Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

2019 PBJ Zombie Bike Ride Photos from John Sullivan on Vimeo.



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