Bike Path Extension


I live only a few hundred feet from the Phoenix Bike Path in Fairhaven, MA. Twenty five years ago, the path was engineered, financed and ready to be built through Fairhaven, Mattapoisett and Marion, MA.  at a total cost of around $650 K.  Mattapoisett and Marion got cold feet thinking the world would end if they paved and existing RR route, isolated in the wooded, overgrown area.

The town of Mattapoisett finally decided to allow the bike path extension and work has begun.

Mattapoisett Bike Path phase I
This is a three year old extension


I decided to take a ride and check out the progress.  (with one of my SA masks. Buy one get 4 free). I also had a difficult time getting my bike around the do not enter barricade

Another scofflaw on the trail
Bridge over the Mattapoisett River
Phase II extension of the Mattapoisett Path
Guess who?



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