South Coast Summit Video

This is it.  The final cut.   The video is ready for presentation to the South Coast Bikeway Alliance Summit of Massachusetts if they choose to show the production.

Click the Vimeo link at the bottom right of the video for better quality

5 thoughts on “South Coast Summit Video

  1. You have some great footage here. What you need to do with this is to severely tighten it up. Be ruthless in your editing to keep the viewer’s interest level high. People tend to lose interest when a shot is up too long (more than a couple seconds), a shot doesn’t resolve fast enough to keep your eye focused, or a talking head goes on too long.

    Examples are:
    The speech before the Watershed Ride. We get that it’s an important charity but don’t beat us over the head with it. You can cut most of the speech and run some of the audio under the riders taking off.

    In the Halloween footage you can trim anything that runs more than a few seconds, like the closeup of the kid in makeup. Run some of the interview stuff under the wide shots of people riding. If you have two or more audio tracks use them to mix talking with wild sound and music.

    Be ruthless, it pays off. Remember, most TV productions shoot at least 20 to 1. Digital video is cheap!


    1. This one is MUCH better. It moves better and shows people having a genuine good time!
      (BTW, there’s a flash frame at 3:01)


  2. Hi John,

    From 60 minutes to under 5 — that’s one heck of an editing session! The video was entertaining, but I still wanted more, like more snips & scenes. I think you could have added another 2 minutes with only a gain and no loss in the entertainment level. Good job, as is; you’re a good videographer.

    Did you notice the 9 second black screen at the end, starting at 4:53?

    Robert Price

    On Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 3:07 PM A Midnight Rider wrote:

    > capejohn posted: “I may be on the agenda for the annual South Coast > Bikeway Summit in a couple of months. Originally a hour long video was > going to be shown and it was decided that for a meeting 60 minutes was too > long. I’m going to submit the video below for consideration” >


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