Errandonee Challenge

Planet Fitness

It wasn’t intended, but I have gotten myself into another bike challenge. As fellow blogger Rootchopper so eloquently wrote.

Do a 12 errands over a 12-day period and you will be a hero, or something like that. And you get a prize!

The weather has been good enough to ride in New England and today I find myself half way through the challenge. I’m not officially entered but will certainly try my best to complete this easy task.

Before I leave the house, I have to feed my neighbors. When the garage door opens, the blue jays start squawking.  It’s like the dinner bell for the other birds, squirrels and any other critters in need of some winter sustenance.

Today  was a ride to the fitness center for a session with my personal trainer. After the gym, a quick trip to Marshall’s for some discount clothing.  Because I do the cooking, a daily trip to the market for fresh vegetables and produce is necessary.  The market is a mile from my home and the fitness center is an additional half mile. An easy bike ride on the local MUP.

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