Holiday Time


Sue and I decided we wanted a getaway this spring.  Number two son offered that we stay in his hotel during one of his business trips.  He produces trade show booths for clients.  Mostly in the air transportation business.  We could stay in his suit in Germany or Geneva if we decided to go to either of those destinations.

While doing flight research, I was told about a google search engine that finds cheap flights.  I found a round trip to Barcelona for $175 US and we would find places stay and things to do on our own using the resources available and friends suggestions. The deals go quickly and by the time we discussed our options and decided to book, the deal was gone.

We finally agreed on doing a group tour in Western Europe and booked the trip.  London, Paris, Bruge, Brussels and Amsterdam are the cities we will visit.  This trip  promises to be a wonderful adventure.

In the past we have traveled in Europe by bicycle. Germany,  Austria, Czech Republic etc.  The difference in these two types of trips is that the one we are doing this year, we will be viewed as tourists.  On a bicycle, we are viewed as travelers and are treated very differently.   As travelers, strangers are always asking about our trip. “Where are you from?”  “Where are you going?”  “Do you need anything?”   As tourists, most people have no interest in us.  However I have an ace up my sleeve.  The soccer ball is “the greatest invitation in the world.”  You can walk up to a square in Paris where a pickup game is going on. You don’t need to ask or get an invitation. Someone will kick a ball to you. Being a fan of the beautiful game, all that is needed is the mention of some team, and that changes us from tourists to friend.  The conversation immediately starts with, “where are you from?”.  Where are you going? My usual answer.  “I want to visit your home soccer stadium.”

psg stadium

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