Providence Bike Jam Helping the Community

PBJ cover

I am a member of the Providence Bike Jam community.  Followers here have seen many videos of our rides.  Today PBJ posted the following on their Facebook Page.


COVID-19 PVD Area Mutual Aid and Community Assistance is a Facebook group to help centralize and consolidate resources for people who are in need in the region surrounding Providence, RI. It is up to each of us to assist those in our communities who are vulnerable and those who need help. We cannot rely alone on government resources which may or may not be available to all people. We protect us.

Much of the aid, food, medicine etc. will be done by bicycle.  It is an honor to be part of this group, even though I am not within the range of the services they are providing.  I have been isolated for two weeks and will probably stay so for at least two more months. Luckily I have a bike path down the street.  I can bike pretty much anywhere and also it’s a great place to walk with my dogs.


Thanks also to the local Stop & Shop stores that have instituted “Senior Shopping” hours.  We are able to shop, with a limited impact of large crowds, from 6-7:30 AM every day.  When I bike there, I will be sure to check the size of the crowds before entering the store.  If it’s a madhouse, I’ll shop another time.

We have also stopped going to movies, restaurants, the gym and pretty much every other place where there could be crowds.  The silver lining is that we will be spending much less money.  I am also considering downgrading my Comcast to basic TV and  adding streaming services.  I tried Sling two years ago and it looks to be a good service.  As long as I can get as much soccer coverage FS1, FS2 and NBCSN, and Boston Sports (for the Revolution),  when the smoke covering the earth clears, I’ll be happy.  I need to get something for my wife to keep the peace.

30 Days of Biking starts soon, and I plan to ride as many days in April as possible. I have signed on the past four years and had a good time riding with a purpose.  Trivial as the purpose suggests.


During the lock down, I will spend lots of time cleaning up my bike videos. At the top of my blog I will have a page dedicated to documenting the videos by date and tags. I did start that a few weeks ago after getting some professional advise. They will all be short enough so visitors, instead of getting bored, may want to see more.  We’ll see how that goes.


Till then

Healthy Day



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