2 thoughts on “South Coast Bikeway. National Bike Month Episode 1

  1. Hi John, Hope you are well. Thanks for making these upbeat videos. I especially enjoyed today’s.

    I must however ask that you be mindful of a few things. More than once I have had some feedback about the inclusion of riders without helmets or other behavior that the SCBA might not wish to highlight. In the last video, the route 6 section with the Starchasers was a bit scary. It certainly speaks to the need for a slower route 6 with bike/ped accommodations. Today’s video had a powered vehicle on the sidewalk I believe. I voice these concerns since you present these videos as being from the SCBA. We will soon be asking for public feedback for our feasibility study so these videos are great but need to avoid anything that could put us in a negative light. I hope you can understand our concerns.

    Please continue to chronicle all the wonderful benefits of cycling in the South Coast. You really do capture its beauty.



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