Drive-Bys. ****Added Video


Today was the second day of my faux bike commute. I did 10 miles this morning and had planned an evening ride for the faux bike commute home.  Before that however, we committed to a drive-by.  A 50th birthday for a family member. Drive-by’s have taken on a whole new meaning the last couple of months.

We drove quite a distance to the meeting point where I noticed the wind was tearing all the birthday balloons to shreds. We anticipated this would be quite an event. Sort of like the political, drive around the city events, when I was a pre teen. (the 50’s).  Those were lead by an sound truck with a half mile line of cars trailing, blaring their horns.  Most of the drivers has a pack of Lucky Strikes rolled up their t-shirt sleeve. sound truck

This drive-by was 6 cars and the event lasted all of five minutes.

Things were working out well for my evening commute.  Howevahh….. on the ride home I couldn’t help but to notice the bending of the trees, and flags flapping at full stretch.  The clincher was the two wind turbines as I approached my neighborhood.  They were spinning like crazy.  Well, that was the first clincher.  The biggie was when I saw a group of boys shooting hoops as we passed the park.  They would exaggerate the height of the shot to the basket, and at the apex, the ball would change directions and return to the shooter like a boomerang.

“I’m going to pass on the evening ride” I said to wifey.  “Good idea” was her retort.

And here we are.

Lazy day on a bike from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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