Larry The Clam Digger

I have been on the bike every day since…since…since a few weeks ago. I always pack a camera or two and a pair of binoculars. The binocs have gotten quite a bit of use between bird and boat watching. The camera not so much. Actually, I haven’t taken more than a couple of video shots in four or five days.

Over the past few weeks I have been, off and on, working on a project for my friend Larry. This guy has stories. It spans four decades, and is the stuff movies are made of. Fishing, treasure hunting, hobo, stow away and many more jobs. He settled down in New England a few years ago, bought a small boat, made some contacts and is now a pretty successful commercial diver. His main income is in clams and conch. Knobby conch to be precise.

Because of the times, he is unable to go home to visit his octogenarian mother and the rest of the family. It’s the first time he has been unable to travel in July, to the Yacima Valley of Washington State in a decade. I offered to do a video of him, his office and his job. He accepted. We sent it out last week and as I mentioned in my first paragraph, I had nothing to work on. I decided to re edit his video with some updated music. The original had stock easy music which was good for his mom and family. I did this one mostly for me and for Larry. And also youse guys.

Larry_Vimeo from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

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