Time Travel

The New Bedford (MA) Starchasers is a quirky group that I saw a few years ago as they returned from one of their adventures. I knew that was a group I would enjoy riding along.
Last night was the Luna Libros themed ride. We were encouraged to dress like a librarian and light up our bikes. The leaders came up with a novel game where they would tape a word to the back of your helmet, or for those like me who don’t often don one, pin a word to the back of your shirt.

The quest was to get clues from fellow riders and try to come up with the word. If for some reason, they did not know the word, a definition was provided to help them with clue ideas. Below is what was pinned to my back. That’s all I’m going to say about this game.

Just as the ride was to begin, something happened. We all felt it but no one could explain the feeling. Everyone kind of looked at each other and some queried, “did you feel that?” Even my camera was affected.

Watch the video for the answer. Remember, this is the New Bedford Starchasers. They are science fiction based. Stuff happens.

2020 Luna Libros from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. That’s fantastic! With the edits, black and white grainy footage, and particularly the soundtrack, I felt transported through time and space. Also, great hook from Strava to the blog and the blog to the video. I wonder if you could alter the speed to make it even more old-timey? I would like to get my own a GoPro and take video too, but save for two Black History Rides, I am eschewing group rides for the foreseeable future (also, they’re usually too early and fast or late and crazy dangerous. Glad to see *most* people were wearing masks.) The videos I do have from when I borrowed a camera I never edited. 😦 Anyway, most enjoyable, AMR!


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