Deleting Bikes

I began talking about selling off a couple of my bikes last year. After my Erie Canal bike tour in July of 2019, I decided that touring was no longer something I cared to do. I have done a few tours, both in groups, and with #3 son. Some are listed HERE.

I included the touring equipment in the offer.

Yesterday I listed the bike on Facebook Marketplace, I was about to close the page when I got a ding. Someone offered a price that was acceptable and today, we closed the deal.

Today, I listed my carbon fiber road bike. I am getting inquiries and am sure I got a couple of low ball test offers which I declined. I’m thinking these are not serious.

I have transformed from “slammed” handle bars, gradually raising them to a more upright position. Not that long ago, I rode the Blackstone Blvd. training rides with the Providence College bike team. Those were double paceline, head down 30 mile hammerfests, with twenty or so twenty something racers. Those rides were just around an hour in duration, give or take a couple of minutes. I have no desire to ever ride like that again.

One of my highlights on my road bike was a fifty mile ride with #3 son who is a pro racer in Austin. We were a group of four that day bopping along when Brandon decided to break away. I caught his wheel and was able to stay in his draft for a couple of miles. He later said that whenever he glanced back under his left armpit, he saw my front wheel. WTF was his reaction. When he had enough, he quickly moved left, I followed, he then moved right and as I drifted right, he moved left again. I lost his wheel, and within ten seconds, he was thirty yards ahead of me.

The two of us pulled over to regroup and shortly the third rider, David who was also in training, joined us. The fourth, Paul, was a friend who was out for what he thought was a casual ride. It was, until Brandon threw out the challenge. We waited for so long that Brandon decided to backtrack. When Paul finally joined up he was pissed. “I though you guy would already be fucking home. We mentioned that we don’t drop in our group. That’s why we waited for him. The final 17 or 18 miles we stayed with Paul. That was 2012. He hasn’t been on his bike since. For real. Now he tends his garden.

My stable will now be down to three bikes. One everyday bike. One winter beater and one electric assist that I use when I’m working an event, riding along with my cameras.

Finally, just to keep me riding. I am thinking about joining the air BnB as a bike tour guide in my area. I have been doing it for years leading local bike rides, giving historical commentary without compensation. I did a tour of Milan a couple of years ago and the guide suggested that option. I’m looking into it.

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