Operation Pedal Melt: Ice Cream Social On Bicycles

The Ice Cream


The air was sultry as we met at Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, MA. The wind conspired with light rain to keep some of the “going” riders home.

Our commander, Civatron, was having problems with his crankset and chain. He couldn’t get them to match up and keep the chain connected. With help from engineering, the crew was able to get his ship worthy enough for impulse power. The fleet flanked Civatron for the duration of the ride, matching his speed.

The ships made their way to our first stop, Sugar Plum Sweets, for ice cream cups, cones and Mochi Creams.

A short ride to Pier 3 brought us to our second ice cream stop. Acushnet Creamery. We then attempted warp speed to get to our third stop, Dairy Made at the beginning of the peninsula of the city.

Our fourth planned stop had to be canceled because of the late hour. We did take a tour of a WWII gun battery that protected the coast from German U-boats.

And of course: The Video

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