Catching Up

Not much bike stuff to write about. I am trying to mimic my work bike commute days by riding ten miles in the AM and again in the PM. I’m sticking around town and not doing much video or still photography.

It was a crazy sports weekend for sure. Liverpool losing 7-2 just a taste of things to come. The Spurs beating ManU was no big surprise, but the 6-1 dismantling was. Marino’s smirk was priceless when his team scored the sixth goal against the organization that fired him.

Leeds had a golden opportunity to grab three points from City, but it wasn’t in the cards. I have been a Leeds fan for many years and the end of the sixteen years away from the premiership was a joy. They should have move up last year. The end of the season collapse was heartbreaking.

Major League Soccer

I have been a player, coach, teacher and anything else you can think of in the beautiful game. I consider myself knowledgeable about the MLS teams.

After my interview on Fox Soccer at the National Soccer Coaches Convention in Kansas City

All that goes out the window when I participate in the predict six contest sponsored by the league. And man, do I suck at that.

My team, New England Revolution is so sporadic, predicting the outcome is impossible. They seem to play to their opponent. They try to out perform the good teams and try to under perform the lousy teams. Go figure.

Tonight, Wednesday, New England plays a very strong Toronto FC. Toronto is a much better team, so in keeping with the above paragraph, I expect a Revs win. The league doesn’t do the predict thing on Wednesday games but I’m going to give it a go on my own. I’ll post my results here tomorrow.

Orlando 3: Atlanta 1

Miami 4 : Red Bulls 1

New England 2: Toronto 1

Philadelphia 3: Cincinnati 0

Columbus 0: Montreal 0

Houston 1: Dallas 2

NYCFC 2: DC United 0

Sporting KC 4: Chicago 1

Seattle 2: Real Salt Lake 0

LA Galaxy 1: Portland 5

San Jose 3: Vancouver 0

Remember: I’m the expert.

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