A Ten Day Recovery

I had a basil cell cancer removed from my shin last week. Shin? Yea shin. The Doctor had to dig deep, twice, to remove all the cancer. The wound ended up so large, he had to cut a piece of skin out of my leg to close the wound. In addition to sutures, staples were needed to secure everything.

I didn’t get a good look at his work till yesterday when I was forced to remove the original bandage. The staples looked like a ladder going up a water tower or something.

I never had so many shots of numbing stuff for the doctor to do his thing. Also, there was never any pain. Some discomfort, but that’s about it. Everything is good and I’m back to normal.

I had to procedure done on the 19th. Weather permitting, tomorrow the 30th, will be my first ride since then. (p.s it rained buckets all day and turned to snow late afternoon).

Recently I was hired to lead monthly rides by a local conservation, research and advocacy group. My first is a ride I have lead a few times. The Fort to Fort ride. On a good day, it draws riders from a few local groups. Biking had exploded around here the past few years. The Pandemic added a lot of new riders, who do not yet feel comfortable riding in casual groups. Over time, some will join us I’m sure.

For now, I will be good to get back in the saddle.

13 thoughts on “A Ten Day Recovery

    1. Hi John,
      I just replied to your post on FB. That’s so weird that you had a basal-cell removed from your shin because I had one removed from the top of my head in August. I will come to Fairhaven and ride. Let me know.



    1. Man, that looks bad. I had one of those right on my nose. Dr. split my nose just like your shin. Stitches like a football too. I wish I could have been wearing a COVID19 mask but this was before that. I still have a scar straight down my nose. I don’t mind wearing the masks now like a lot of people do.


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