Night Ride

Whenever I get an invitation to ride my bike at night, weather on the city street or rails to trails path, I can’t help but smile and answer with an emphatic “YES.”

Last night, the call to ride came from the Fall River MA. bike group, to ride The East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island. In order for me to get some video footage of the area, I have to begin early. I began eight miles from the start, and an hour early, to get the footage of the geese, rivers, jets and ponds you see in the video. I met up with four friends in Warren R.I. Two late comers, a father and son, joined us as we exited Colt State Park in Bristol, R.I. five miles into the ride.

We returned to the start of the ride in Warren for those who choose to leave the group at ten miles. None did on this night. Off to Providence and the India Point overpass of I-195, the turn around point. Ten miles each direction added to the Colt Park segment, gave everyone around thirty miles on the night.

The next group ride is December 5th when I lead a group on the Buzzards Bay Coalition, Bakeries and Murals of New Bedford ride.

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