Bakeries And Murals Bike Ride

Seventeen showed for this mild December Sunday morning bike ride. We gathered at the Buzzards Bay Coalition headquarters and set out to visit some of the local murals, two bakeries, a zoo and a bodega. Our first stop was also the first surprise. We pulled up to the jazz mural, a block from the Coalition building, and low an behold, a four piece jazz band greeted us.

The group stopped briefly at many more murals before our first bakery stop. Then on to the zoo, a bodega for the best empanadas evah, and on to our final bakery stop in downtown New Bedford, Ma.

5 thoughts on “Bakeries And Murals Bike Ride

    1. Originally the plan was to ride to a few bakeries. However, how many can you stop and shop. Murals was an obvious alternative to more than two bakeries. However, on a food collection ride with the Starchasers last month, we stopped at a Bodega. Those who bought themselves an empanada said it was the best thing they had ever eaten. I took a detour to the Bodega and told everyone to wait outside. I bought 17 empanadas and everyone said, it was one of the best things they ever ate.

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