Full Moon Group Bike Ride (Solo)

I got three likes on the full moon bike ride post. Normally that would be disappointing. However, that was three more than the amount of people showed. Ergo….Solo in the title.

Properly dressed for the weather kept most of my body comfortable. All except for the fingers. I knew it would be a problem but it’s one I can overcome. There is a simple solution to warm them. The two handed Al Bundy technique. It’s normally a couch move, but it also works well on a bike ride.

Eliminating a good chunk of the planned route was an easy choice once the sun set. I did spend some time at Fort Phoenix overlooking Buzzards Bay. Aiming my camera west, I got a photo of the sunset. Turning east, a shot of the moon rising. Repeat then repeat again. All this with the gloves off, which brings us again to Al Bundy.

New Year’s day looks promising weatherwise for a group ride. MLK day ride planning is in the works.

One thought on “Full Moon Group Bike Ride (Solo)

  1. i guess people are group riding here but not many. seems relatively safe but i don’t want to be sucking anyone’s wind these days. is that not a concern? not to mention that on a 9-speed at my speed i’d also be riding solo… dropped off the back like a hot potato. which sounds tasty right about now. but hey at least you went.


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