Bundle Up

A cold January 9, 2021 bike ride. Following the rules of bikejournal.com, ride a “bit” of 12.5 to 25 miles in one day. Layers, attitude and a special Rudi Guliani, “I was just trying to remove the microphone cable” sock, to keep that delicate place warm.

5 thoughts on “Bundle Up

  1. Your words are so true, especially now. All of my headwear and neck gators are coming in handy along with new winter helmet and footwear for year round riding. By the way, love your 🎶choices for ALL your videos.

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    1. Thank you. Dressing for the temperature is the easy part. The wind changes everything.

      The music…. In many cases, the music is the most difficult part of editing. Trying to capture the mood of the film is challenging. I often try multiple music tracks before the edit is final.

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  2. I haven’t found “too cold” yet. As a kid, my dad defined that as -20 degrees Fahrenheit (temperature, not wind chill). Colder than that and I could get a ride on my paper route. Last year I rode to work at -26. It was refreshing!

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  3. I understand. For a couple of decades I put on my spikes, climbed telephone poles in zero degree weather. With no wind and the sun shining, it wasn’t uncomfortable. Except for the finger tips.

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