Three Reasons

Set your watches to start the ride on Monday January 18th at 10 AM

I’ll work out the logistics with some research and post it on Thursday or Friday. Check back, where ever you are reading this post. WordPress. My Facebook page. Buzzards Bay Casual Bike Ride or Fairhaven Bikeway Committee, all on Facebook.

Why do this you ask?

Monday is Martin Luther King Day and it’s also the last day of my 70th trip around the sun. Tuesday is the 70th anniversary of my birth. The first day of my 71st year. Wednesday is Inauguration day. Three reasons to celebrate, and what better way than a bike ride. A check of the weather will finalize the day.

WTF? Oh right. I use a floating IP address to different servers around the world. This one is in LA. Lets reset and look again. Monday at 10 AM looks like a decent start time.

Monday looks like a decent day to ride.

Luckily we are not in Poland.

Ta Ta for now. Or if you prefer text ttfn.

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