City Riding.

I have always enjoyed riding my bike in the city. The plan was for me to ride seven miles to my amigo, Hiram’s house. Then do some urban riding through the city before breaking off into the suburbs. I would drop out near my house and Hiram would ride the seven miles back to his. The morning was a comfortable sun shining time to ride. Problem is, we didn’t begin till after noon time. No sooner had we begun, the clouds rolled in, blocking the sun’s warming rays. The wind picked up a tad and the temperatures began to fall.

As we neared my house, light hail began to fall. I was home and Hiram decided he was done. He loaded his bike into my car and I drove him the seven miles back to his house. It was a good decision.

One thought on “City Riding.

  1. While you and Hiram were getting pelted in Mattapoisett I was over in Acushnet with a flat tire! No rain or hail there. Love those local wx squalls.


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