Riding With The Mayor Of Providence, R.I.

Since bike riding is on hold for who knows how long due to the weather, this is a good time to highlight some past rides.

The mayor of Providence R.I. sponsors “Ride With The Mayor” night ride. The last was in 2019 with the theme of celebrating new American citizens and the kids at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Many of the businesses who were withing sight of the hospital joined the 250 bikers shining their lights, by blinking the signs and office lights. The kids were thrilled.

Lyft bikes donated 100 bikes with 10 hours of free time each in support of the event. All the bike were used.

One thought on “Riding With The Mayor Of Providence, R.I.

  1. I think that’s about the last time Colorado Springs, CO. had a Mayor’s Ride too. We usually have a Bike to Work Day in June (Note: May can be ugly weather wise so in CO. we’ve moved all the bike to work festivities to June, LOL!), Since Covid there hasn’t been any Bike to Work Day events so who knows when and if there will be another Mayor’s Ride. I like your version better, with the kids hospital! 🙂


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