Cafe Ride on the East Bay Bike Path.

Borealis Coffee Co.

When: Saturday March, 20

Time: 9:45 for a 10:00 AM wheels up

Where: Meet at EBBP parking lot behind University Orthopedic (1 Kettle Point Ave. Providence

The new meeting place, eliminates that last big climb to the parking lot across from the golf course. Consider the location a reprise for those out of condition riders.

The ride will be around 20 miles at a casual pace. 10 MPH more of less. We will detour off the path into Colt State Park, which is our turn around point. A stop at Borealis Coffee Co. close to the end of the ride for those who want to linger a while. It’s roughly a half mile from the end.

Because it’s a straight shot bike path, those who want to ride faster are welcome to do so.

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