New Bike

I kept tossing around buying a new bike. I sold two this past summer, with the intent of maybe, just maybe, buying a new one. After following Ryan Van Duzer on Youtube riding the great divide on a Priority bike, I realized that would be the style for me. My first choice wouldn’t be deliverd till late September. I considered waiting, making my decision solely on the price.

My second choice was $400 more and naturally, a much better bike. More than I needed but not more than I wanted, if you get my drift. The clincher was four no interest payments. My Continuum Onyx will arrive around May 28th. Oh boy, oh boy.

My first choice was The Brilliant L Train, named after the NYC subway train.

The bike I purchased is the Continuum Onyx

8 thoughts on “New Bike

  1. Let us know how the NuVinci hub works. This looks like a great bike for the price. I think you’ll be pleased with the belt drive, and it is equipped to ride in any conditions. If I needed a new winter commuter, I’d give this one serious consideration.

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  2. Congratulations on your new steed. Looks awesome… best of luck. My touring bike also has a belt drive (Rohloff Speedhub) which I chose to get away from all the maintenance involved with derailleurs. Been on many trips only had one issue with a loose crank arm that needed a special tool. All in I think you are in great shape for your next adventure…

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