Operation Luna Libros VIII: 4-Color Chaos Theory

Event by New Bedford Starchasers

1 Oneida St, New Bedford, MA 02740-1539, United States

Saturday at 7:30 PM

EDT50–73°F Mostly Sunny

Price: FreePublic  · Anyone on or off Facebook


The Citadels of the Arcane have awakened and they are calling for heroes!

Join us as we explore the five libraries of the New Bedford Star System on a graphically novel adventure through the second dimension! Disguise yourself as a space librarian, your favorite comic book character, or a combination of both and get ready for a night of space travel and comic book/movie trivia! Maybe you’ll win a prize!

This is an approximately 18-20 light year mission, flying at the speed of funk. View the tentative flight plan: https://ridespot.org/rides/289117

This mission is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive! All person-powered and assistive mobility devices are welcome.

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