They Chased. They Passed. Then They Blew UP.

Every once in a while, I get chased down on the local MUP by a biker who feels the need to show superiority. I’m not judging just say’n. I was, at one time, guilty of the same thing.

Out on a solo ride, seeing another rider ahead, I had to catch him/her. Twice, in the past when I was with a younger rider, who when we got an “on yer left”, couldn’t resist chasing the culprit. Am I like that? Yes I was. On an aside, one of the chasers, a few weeks later, entered a Criterium. He got lapped by the field, twice before pulling out of the race.

I don’t own a road bike any more, but when I did, I gradually matured, and when I felt the need to “chase”, I learned to stop, take a drink and wait till that bait I was eager to sink my teeth into, was out of range.

Today, I entered the bike path near my home just as another biker was riding past the entrance. He was just sort of meandering. Then he noticed me gaining on him. He kicked into high gear to leave me in his dust. I was on my e-bike and without any effort, I began to close the gap. That’s when I noticed he had hit the wall. I stayed behind him, just to not be “that guy” I was many years ago. He turned off the path and I continued on my casual ride.

A few minutes later, a guy in jean shorts, sleeveless t-shirt and a bandana went zooming past on his Schwinn all purpose bike, without any signal that he was passing. That urge from the past to chase, hit me hard. He was really working to put distance between us. Remember, Lil ole me just happened to be on my e-bike. I shifted into my large chainring, pressed economy, then normal, followed by hyperdrive assist on my bike. (When my e-bike is locked into hyperdrive, I can easily approach 20 MPH in less than 10 pedal strokes from a standing start). It was soon obvious that my prey had used everything he had to catch and pass me. I got within a few yards of him before I came to my senses and decided to release him and let him ride into the sunset. (Literally. We were heading west). The irony was that I now had a difficult time staying behind him. He was toast when we came to a fork in the path. He went North, me, South.

I wonder, if one or both of them were even conscious of what was happening, or was it simply testosterone kicking in? Whatever the reason, it’s fun to witness a wannabe king of the road end up being the jester. Just say’n.

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