Rainy Weekend. Let’s Watch Sports

It has been a good weekend to stay home and watch some games on TV.

For the first time since 1947, Brentford will be playing at the Top Level of England!

It was also a rewarding Saturday for New England Sports. The Revolution and the Red Sox both won. The Celtics play later on today. All sporting venues are at full capacity now and the crowds are back.

MLS is on a three week break for international play, and I have to wait till June 23rd to attend a home game at Gillette. I am also planning two road trips. Atlanta United and Austin FC. Atlanta draws between 60 and 70k for their home matches and the atmosphere is electric. Austin in it’s inaugural year in MLS, has sold out for the season. There is a wait list, with a membership fee of $50, which has surpassed 20K. Fortunately, I have people in both Atlanta and Austin to hopefully score me a couple of tickets.

At the top of the list however, the Men’s National Team begins their tournament season with a friendly in Switzerland today. This is the first game that the full team of international players will be representing America. Previously is was MLS players and with a couple of the internationals on the squad. There is one exception to the roster today. Christian Pulisic. He won the Champions League yesterday and was also the first Yank to represent the Red, White and Blue in a world final.


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