Road Ride in Bike Friendly Territory.

This area is very bike friendly. Most vehicles slow till it’s safe to pass, and when they do, it’s usually with all four tires across the yellow lines. We had a false alarm thinking one of our group got hit by a pickup. The driver saw the fall and stopped to help our friend David who caught the road edge and took a diggah. All was well.

One thought on “Road Ride in Bike Friendly Territory.

  1. Looks like a FUN ride, yep sometimes it’s bump and bruise on a ride, my wife Jo, miss judged a pedal and fell over at a busy intersection!! Lucky for me, the driver behind was watching out and put on his emergency flashers, till we got her out of the road!! She sustained a long scrape at the elbow so I pulled out the 1st. aid kit and played medic, LOL! Glad it all worked out for your group, keep having FUN!! 🙂


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