There are many types of people on bikes.

There are many types of amateur cyclists. The Crit riders who ride on tracks of varying shapes and distances, as hard as they can for 30 minutes. There are usually two or three separate categories which allows riders of every level to race once a week. Cat 5&6, Cat 3&4, and Cat 1, 2 and professional. These are by far the best and most serious amateur riders.

There is also the club riders. Again there are levels. A, B. Sometimes C groups and of course my favorite, the AARP spinners. The A and B groups are usually very serious and like to dress like the pros with logos and matching kits. The goal is to go for a bike ride and finish it as fast as they can, and can get very anal over their average speed, max speed and VO2 ma. Over the years, I managed to work my way down from the double paceline A group to the AARP spinners.

There are city group rides. Casual rides with friends and family. Bike path riders, country road solo riders, and on and on. Very often, bikers and drivers jockey for road space. Even when there is room for both. Sometimes things get heated.

Loaded touring riders don’t fit any of these stereotypes. Cyclists on loaded bikes are not tourist. They are treated at Travelers. People love to talk with them. “Where did you start? Where are you going? How long have you been on the road? Etc. I met two Travelers today. It was chaos.

One thought on “Travelers

  1. I think one can cycle (ahem) between the groups. I used to be a commuter when I had a job. After the job, I would do errands. And when I began training for charity rides, that was a sort of hybrid between social and faster amateur rides. There are also activist rides, which I guess are a subset of social rides. Don’t forget utility riders, which are people who choose or have no choice due to social situation to bike. That could be poor folks in developing nations, homeless folks in the US, or just workers who can’t afford a car. Maybe also there are tourist riders. Probably there are other types, too.


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